360 Degree Marketing Agency


What we do goes beyond design. We take care of all your creative, marketing and online requirements, so whether you are looking for a re-brand, an update to your website or for our SEO Team to boost your Google rankings, Graphitas are the full service agency that has it all covered.

This is what 360˚ marketing really is.

Creative Daredevils

It takes courage to be a Creative Daredevil… Challenging convention, questioning positioning and understanding the market place. Our design team are passionate about Crafting beautiful identities and creating impactful marketing campaigns that disrupt, grab attention, but most importantly resonate with the target audience.

Brand Builders

Branding is so much more than just a logo, an identity and set of guidelines. A brand identifies with it target audience, it creates a warmth and an emotional response that positions the brand in the heart of its customers.

Experiential Creators

Creating a bang, that stop in the tracks moment to give your brand engagement and share of mind by creating engaging experiences and a closer bond with customers.

Digital Innovators

Our eye catching campaigns also come with solid strategy and targeting to maximise relevant reach, audience engagement. Digital touch points that connect with your audience by targeting those most likely to engage.

Code Ninjas

Our beautifully crafted, responsive websites are the result of uncompromising attention to detail. Every site is built from the ground up by our very own code Ninjas, to ensure the optimum experience across all devices.

UX Superheroes

UX is the silent chaperone that guides and reassures customers through the journey, subtly coercing and advising users through to conversion.