Whatsapp inc have finally released the update that all iOS 8 users have been waiting for!!!

Version 2.11.9 finally brings iOS compatibility to the app.


Get the update…

The update is available through the AppStore and is available to all users (certainly iOS7 and iOS8). The app is a 47.4mb download and once installed runs a small routine which “optimises” the message database.

Whats new?

whatsapp backupOne of the most obvious changes to the app the new iCloud back up settings which asks users to specify the frequency of Auto Back (choices are Off, Daily, Weekly and Monthly)


The share slow-motion video feature is a great add on for users of iPhone 5 devices, this feature works very iPhone 5s to iPhone5s, we haven’t tested sending to older devices as yet.

The ability to trim video is also a long awaited feature amoung WhatsApp users, the features seems to work as expected and saves the hassle of trimming in iOS before sending through WhatApp.

How do I get it?

The update is available from your regional AppStore…


Have you found anything new with the update?

Leave comments below…


Happy WhatsApp’ing!!

Justin Taylor

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