It looks as though Twitter Analytics in the iPhone app has done a bit of a Houdini and disappeared for some of us!

Twitter had recently rolled out Twitter Analytics in its iPhone App. At the click of the “VIEW ANALYTICS DETAILS” button users could see how successful (or unsuccessful) a tweet was by giving stats such as, clicks, impressions, favourites etc.



So Where Has Twitter Analytics Gone?

Unfortunately Twitter has had some issues rolling this out Globally and has reverted to a U.S. only rollout.

Ian Chan – Web, Platform and Analytics for twitter tweeted the following after twitter user Rayne Thompson reached out to him for help…

Temporary U.S. Outage – Now Fixed, Global Rollout Still Being Worked On

We did receive reports that it was also missing from the U.S. But this seems to have been a temporary outage and is now back.
I reached out to Ian Chan with regards to the U.S. outage and he replied soon after confirming that the analytics is back in U.S., and they are working on the global rollout.

We hope to see this useful feature added back in globally soon.

Notice anything I’ve missed? put a comment below.

Justin Taylor

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