Over the last year or so I’ve been delving into the world of SEO. An ever changing world of rules and suggestions which has led me to developing a couple of Chrome extensions in an attempt to make things a little easier.

NINF (NoIndexNoFollow)

My first extension was to help me determine if a webpage had either the noindex or nofollow meta tags present. I found that although there are other extensions that would give me this information, they also gave you lots of extra information that at the time I wasn’t interested in. Along with the extra information, everytime I went to a new page I had to click on the extension’s icon to display the information, which when looking at a lot of pages became time consuming.

NINF IconSo, out of my experiences with the other Chrome extensions my idea for NINF (NoIndexNoFollow) was conceived. NINF is a simple but effective Chrome extension that, as the page loads will display on its icon the status of the noindex and nofollow meta tags. If neither meta tag is found a green OK box will be displayed, however if either nofollow or noindex (or both) are found a red box with either NI, NF or NINF will display allowing me to to see at a glance the status of that page.

Unfortunately this is a simple plugin and it can only tell you the status for the noindex and nofollow, whether or not the page should or shouldn’t have them is a subject for another post.

GRIND (Google Rank INDicator)

My second extension started out for a specific customer, but as time went on I realised that making it more flexible would help me considerably.


When searching for a keyword in google you have to scroll down the page to find GGRI Iconwhere the site that you’re targeting ranks, even if it’s first in the results you have to scroll past any sponsored ads. While doing this I had the thought that it would be really handy if there was some way of hi-lighting the result i was searching for that I could easily see while scrolling, and that’s what the extension does.

If you click the icon and enter the desired domain name in the box, next time you search google for a keyword the extension will be active for that domain. If the domain you entered is in the search results, the desired entry will be hi-lighted and will also display a number next to the icon. This lets you know the highest position on the page that you’ll find the result. However if the number is zero then the result is not on that page, you can then just click to the next page of results and keep going to the next page until the figure changes from zero to a number. The position indicator I found invaluable as it saved time of having to scroll carefully to check for a desired result, if it was zero I knew i could jump to the next page of results.

These Chrome extensions are not groundbreaking I know, but they’ve helped me “make SEO a little easier” and maybe they’ll help you too.


Please feel free to download the extensions from the links below.

Add NINF to your chrome by going to NINF on the Chrome Web Store

Add GRIND to your chrome by going to Graphitas Google Rank Indicator on the Chrome Web Store

Steve Tucker