This morning we’ve noticed a nice new update to Linkedin company pages. It appears this has started to roll out to owners of company pages across the ‘professional’ social network, although there doesn’t appear to have been any official word from Linkedin yet. The new tab allows you to see how many likes, comments, shares and mentions your company page has had over the week and month.


The new notification appears on your personal notifications section, similar to how Facebook Page notifications work.


Clicking through to the company page, you’ll find an additional tab, alongside the usual analytics tab – Notifications. The section below the main panel allows you to filter through each engagement type. This is a great new update to company pages, and the biggest since the arrival of analytics and removal of product pages.

linkedin_new_notifications centre

This new tool allows users to monitor their pages better than ever. Have you received the notification tab yet and how will you or your brand use it? Fire off in the comments.

Justin Taylor

Justin's path into design and marketing has been anything but conventional. A random selection of career decisions saw him designing rave flyers, t-shirts and (although refusing to divulge his stage name) he allegedly did a summer stint in Gt Yarmouth as a magician before finally settling on a career in marketing.