So as another year dawns at Graphitas, it’s fair to say that we all came back to work feeling a tad unhealthy after festive overindulgence. None of us are what you would classify as overweight. But as a lot of hard working folk find, the promise of good food (and wine) after a day’s graft can throw any kind of healthy eating self-discipline right out the proverbial window.

So it began to emerge that this was a collective feeling. Frankly we all felt unfit.

We had two clear options.  Carry on as we are. Or feed off (excuse the pun) each other for motivation. There is, after all, safety in numbers.

And there it was –  Gra”fit”as was born.

grafitas logo

Top of the agenda, healthy eating, a bit more exercise and weekly weigh in’s designed to name and shame anyone who’s fallen off the wagon and more importantly, celebrate the success of the biggest loser.

We of course needed to make it competitive. So for further motivation, we all put in a tenner in the kitty.  The cash would be rewarded to the highest percentage loser at three monthly intervals.

Let battle commence……

Justin Taylor

Justin's path into design and marketing has been anything but conventional. A random selection of career decisions saw him designing rave flyers, t-shirts and (although refusing to divulge his stage name) he allegedly did a summer stint in Gt Yarmouth as a magician before finally settling on a career in marketing.