What size does it need to be again?

It’s no secret that video content is more effective at getting engagement on social platforms! I mean, who doesn’t love a cat video!

With the platforms we use to engage our media changing, the standard 16:9 video aspect might not be as effective as it once was. To deliver the intended experience across a range of platforms you currently have 2 options:

  1. Render out all video, at the optimal format, for each platform & device
  2. Render out 1 video that can be used effectively on the majority of platforms & devices

Personally, I like the option where you can spend more time on a strong creative & less time looking at a rendering bar! With option 2 being a clear winner we then have another problem! What format does my video need to be? Until now, there’s always been conflicting resources BUT Facebook has finally put a definitive guide together, showing all the sizes, formats & video specs.


The best thing about this guide is it will change as the platform updates & evolves, so it’s the only video spec sheet you’ll ever need.

Being no longer constrained to the standard 16:9 aspect can be challenging at first ( especially when shooting live video ) but with more video content being viewed on a 9:16 aspect & Instagram launching it’s new IGTV app utilising exclusively 9:16 content, it won’t be long until the standard ratios are a thing of the past & content creators/advertisers & marketeers will have to adapt to this new format.

Elliott Mowle

Elliott is a creative designer with a passion for motion & an understanding in all things UX. Outside of work you'll either find him in the gym lifting as much weight as possible! or at home playing one the many boardgames he has in his collection!