Since it was launched in the early 90’s, the Internet has become an important part of marketing strategy and a very necessary vehicle to display and promote the products and services of any company.  But this does beg the question for business owners, do we still need a brochure when we have our website?

Yes, there can be cons to producing a printed brochure:

– it takes time to plan, write and produce
– requires a skillful designer who understands print production
– will need printing which can become expensive
– may be out-of-date shortly after

(But, all of these negatives, can be overcome instantly by instructing a good quality creative marketing agency 😉 )

Annual Report Design
Promens Annual Report 2007

Brochures have the Power!

However, what people tend to forget is that the glossy brochure still very much has a place in the market as a powerful sales tool.

A good example of this is in the car industry.  So, you’ve chosen the marque and budget, and you sit down to flick through the good quality brochure; glossy, well designed, beautiful photography and all printed on lovely paper stock.  The message is clear.  Aspire to drive one of our cars, aspire to own one.

annual report design

Car manufacturers view brochures as essential to their marketing strategy in showcasing their portfolio to the best possible advantage.  Simply put, they want consumers to think “if the brochures look such good quality and feel this impressive, then what must their cars be like?”



Justin Taylor

Justin's path into design and marketing has been anything but conventional. A random selection of career decisions saw him designing rave flyers, t-shirts and (although refusing to divulge his stage name) he allegedly did a summer stint in Gt Yarmouth as a magician before finally settling on a career in marketing.