Aer Lingus was alerted to a tweet sent by Ryanair of an online ad with a plane flying in the background, which turned out to be actually an Aer Lingus aircraft. Soon after, the Twitter fun began. 

Despite actually being the single largest shareholder in Aer Lingus,  Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary turned on the airline after it pointed out that Ryanair had inadvertently used a photo of one of its planes for an advert. Not taking kindly to having this oversight pointed out, Ryanair took the next shot:

After one Twitter user asked whether this was all just harmless banter or genuine rivalry, Ryanair’s marketing team then went one further:

The Twitter exchange comes as Ryanair celebrates it’s 30th year, an occasion marked by the introduction of a new corporate logo.


Justin Taylor

Justin's path into design and marketing has been anything but conventional. A random selection of career decisions saw him designing rave flyers, t-shirts and (although refusing to divulge his stage name) he allegedly did a summer stint in Gt Yarmouth as a magician before finally settling on a career in marketing.