Since updating to iOS 6 beta 4 we have noticed that apple have dropped the YouTube app from the home screen. This seems to be Apple further dropping support of google products.  Firstly they started using open source maps now deleting the YouTube app.

Instructions for installing the YouTube web app to your home screen

Firstly simply visit YouTube in safari on your iOS device, and once the homepage has loaded click the iphone, ipad, add to homescreen icon Icon, this will bring up a popup, this popup has several options such as bookmark, print, and also the add to homescreen button.

Click this button, give it a title and then click add.

And there you have it you now have YouTube accessible from the home screen of your iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 5 or iPod touch once again.

You can also use this tip for any website and have easy access to it from your home screen.


Google has now created and lauched a new standalone app for YouTube on the App Store this has also been optimised for the larger screen of the iPhone 5.

This is available to download here

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