The Best “Back To The Future” Day Tweets

Back to the Future day is upon us and with this day comes a plethora of tweets on twitter timelines from brands, public services and the general public.

Today is the day Doc Brown and Marty McFly skipped forward to October 21st 2015!

Below we have found some of our favourite tweets from this momentous day in history.

As of today the Back to The Future films will be set in the past… Now just to let that sink in.

Funny tweets from Back To The Future Day

1. Surrey Police

2. Mercedes-Benz

3. Queensland Police Service

4. USA Today

5. Arena Flowers

6. Waterloo Station

7. Pepsi Perfect Advert

8. Nescafe

9. Dan Barker

10. Rehydrated Pizza

11. Oreo

12. Weetabix

13. Jaws 19 Trailer by Universal

14. Universal Hoverboard Advert

15. Pizza Express

16. Walkers Crisps

17. Brum City Police

18. Indeed (Sent in by Ryan)

Seen any that we should feature?

Comment below and we will add the best!

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  1. Ryan Sawyer

    One of my favorites today:

    View Indeed’s BTTF Tweet

    • Thanks Ryan!

      I have added this to the post!