How to upload an “unlisted” video to YouTube

Below is a step by step guide to uploading an “unlisted” Video to Youtube. Unlisted means that this video can only be viewed by a user that has the link to the video. This means the video will not be listed on youtube search or under the uploaders profile.

Guide to publishing an “unlisted” video to YouTube

1. Once signed in to youtube with the account you wish to use. click the “upload” button in the top right corner.

2. Click the dropdown labeled “public”

3. Change dropdown to “unlisted”


4. Upload the video file from your computer.

5. Fill out basic info (title, description etc.) if needed.

6. Click advanced settings.


7. (optional)To disable comments and notifications to existing subscribers Un-tick the following options:-
Allow comments,
Users can view ratings for this video,
Notify Subscribers
Make video statistics on the watch page publicly visible.


8.  Click done and wait for video to upload.


9. Once the video has finished uploading click embed to use the video in the on your site.


That is it! Your video is now only viewable by people who have the direct link to it.

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  1. Matt

    Hi Ross, thank you! I have an additional scenario: So if I choose unlisted – start uploading my video – check ‘don’t notify subscribers’ – and save changes. It will upload without notifying anyone. But what if few days later I want to make it public and also to appear in my subscribers feed? If I go to my unlisted video and check ”notify subscribers” – make public – and than save changes, will that make it appear in their news feed just like a regular public upload would?