Google Analytics adds Real-Time Conversions

Google analytics have rolled out a new update to its analytics adding real-time conversions tracking and a new segmentation UI.

These features went live today at around 8pm UK time.

Real-Time Conversions

This shows all of the latest conversion for the last 30 minutes in real-time letting you see your conversions as they happen.

New Segmentation UI

I have seen that a few people are being offered the opportunity to “try new segmentation UI” although this does not appear to be live on any of our profiles yet. This feature adds a Drag and drop UI to Segmentation.

Are you getting the new Segmentation UI or the Real-Time Anlytics?

Google Real-Time Conversions

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  1. Limo Hire

    This is good news for all SEO consultants who’s clients love analysis! Very useful depending on your business industry.