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The Best “Back To The Future” Day Tweets

Back to the Future day is upon us and with this day comes a plethora of tweets on twitter timelines from brands, public services and the general public.

Today is the day Doc Brown and Marty McFly skipped forward to October 21st 2015!

Below we have found some... Read More

Postcode Targeting with Twitter Ads

As social media giants like Twitter and Facebook seek to improve their advertising platforms and targeting (and networks like Pinterest and Vine step up to offer advertising options), social advertising is an area that you should become a lot more familiar with.

Twitter is a global... Read More

The World’s Biggest Websites – What they Looked Like at Launch

Ever wondered what some of the biggest websites in the world today, looked like when they first launched? The internet is constantly involving and seeing how far the world has come in terms of web design, who know’s what could be next? With the help... Read More

Aer Lingus photobombs Ryanair advert – Twitter explodes!

Aer Lingus was alerted to a tweet sent by Ryanair of an online ad with a plane flying in the background, which turned out to be actually an Aer Lingus aircraft. Soon after, the Twitter fun began.  Read More

Twitter Analytics, Now You See It, Now You Don’t…

It looks as though Twitter Analytics in the iPhone app has done a bit of a Houdini and disappeared for some of us!

Twitter had recently rolled out Twitter Analytics in its iPhone App. At the click of the “VIEW ANALYTICS DETAILS” button users... Read More

Twitter adds Analytics to iPhone app with “View Analytics Details” button

Twitter has added real-time analytics to its iPhone app with the addition of a new inline button that allows users to view details of a tweet.


Clicking the “VIEW ANALYTICS DETAILS” button brings up some great real-time stats.... Read More