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A look back at David Hockneys other logo designs

David Hockney one of Britain’s most famous artists has redesigned The Sun Tabloids logo.

The 79 year old took to his iPad and designed the below.

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Facebook Partner Categories launch in the UK


After a long wait, Facebook’s has finally lauched its much acclaimed Partner Categories to advertisers in the UK, the eagerly awaited behaviours gives a wealth of targeting data to advertisers.

What are partner categories?

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Google Mobile Friendly update – will you be affected?


What’s it all about?

It’s no secret that the percentage of website traffic from mobile devices is growing on a daily basis, so much so that most websites see the largest percentage of their traffic originating from mobile.

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Google testing new URL preview structure within mobile search

Google appear to be testing a new structure for all URL previews in mobile search results.

This new structure drops the forward slashes and takes a more breadcrumbed approach with arrows (>) being used to structure the URLs.

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Monday Moments of Inspiration – Social

Continuing our Monday Moments of Inspiration series, today we look at Social, but you won’t find anything about social networks or digital here. This is all about the beauty of just getting out there, enjoying time with friends and family, in the World around... Read More

Google Testing Live Chat With Businesses From Within Search Results

Google is testing out a new service within it’s search results, that incorporates live chat with businesses via a link that shows whether a business is currently online and launches Google Hangouts (on either desktop or mobile) if they are.

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