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Gra”fit”as – Round 7 winner announced

ross-winnerRound 7 has been the toughest yet for the Graphitas dieters.

With initial weigh-in taking place on the last working day before Christmas, the indulgence of the festive period reaped havoc with the slimmers with everyone returning back... Read More

MozCon Glazed Salmon with Rainier Cherry Compote

I recently made my first journey to Seattle to attend MozCon. Being a first timer at the conference, I was thrilled at the opportunity it provided to... Read More

Graphitas launch Gra”fit”as

So as another year dawns at Graphitas, it’s fair to say that we all came back to work feeling a tad unhealthy after festive overindulgence. None of us are what you would classify as overweight. But as a lot of hard working folk find, the... Read More