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A look back at David Hockneys other logo designs

David Hockney one of Britain’s most famous artists has redesigned The Sun Tabloids logo.

The 79 year old took to his iPad and designed the below.

ju8fXXrr8yZjoL7eALMvg6-970-80Read More

Happy 10th Birthday YouTube – A Look Back at it’s Homepage

As YouTube celebrates it’s 10th birthday we take a look back at the Homepage design throughout the years… from its humble beginnings in 2005 to the beast it has become today! Read More

The World’s Biggest Websites – What they Looked Like at Launch

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20+ Most Creative Valentine’s Day Advertisements

With just 11 day’s until the most romantic day of the year, it is predicted that spend here in the UK, will exceed £978 million this year on Valentine’s Day, proving that we’re not as unromantic as people would’ve had us believe. Males will spend quite a bit... Read More

Content that converts: Tip 4 – Concentrate on headlines

Tip 4 - Concentrate on headlinesYou simply cannot afford to underestimate the importance of a great headline… According to the godfather of advertising, David Ogilvy on... Read More

Our iOS 7 Twitter UI has been featured on Creative Bloq

Our recent iOS 7 Twitter UI PSD has been featured on the Creative Bloq website as one of their Freebie files.

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