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[Infographic] Reddit Boasts Over 71 Billion Page Views in 2014

Despite a year that saw Reddit come under scrutiny for it’s lack of content regulation, the reader contributed news site and forum saw considerable growth in 2014 boasting a staggering 71.25bn... Read More

Content that converts: Tip 4 – Concentrate on headlines

Tip 4 - Concentrate on headlinesYou simply cannot afford to underestimate the importance of a great headline… According to the godfather of advertising, David Ogilvy on... Read More

The Facebook “I’m a Voter” button and it’s possibilities for the future

Facebook have been working hard lately updating and for the most part improving their iOS app.

But they have now rolled out the “I’m a Voter” button internationally after recent success elsewhere.

Today is Election Day in the UK and when I opened the Facebook app this... Read More

Graphitas featured in Digital Marketing book

50 Shades of Digital Marketing

Graphitas MD, Justin Taylor, recently featured in digital marketing e-book 50 Shades of Digital Marketing.

The e-book is available free of charge... Read More

Content that converts: Tip 3 – Use the language of your customers

Use their language

It’s not just about the message!

So you’ve identified your objectives, figured out who your target audience are and set an end goal.

All great so... Read More

Content that converts: Tip 2 – Understand your audience

The second in the series of “10 tips to make content convert” from the Content Marketing Show 2013.


The importance of understanding your audience can never be... Read More