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Google Testing Live Chat With Businesses From Within Search Results

Google is testing out a new service within it’s search results, that incorporates live chat with businesses via a link that shows whether a business is currently online and launches Google Hangouts (on either desktop or mobile) if they are.

The service is... Read More

Facebook Launch 3 TV Ads Focusing on Friendship

Facebook has launched three new TV ads to underline it’s role in everyday life and the meaningful connections; which arise through using the social network, which now boasts over 1.3bn global users.   Read More

Monday Moments of Inspiration – Suffolk

As part of a new feature, every Monday we’ll post some of our favourite images of a certain subject. Things can get stale real fast when you do the same things and see the same things. Getting out of your normal routine can help you find creative... Read More

New Linkedin Company Page Notifications

This morning we’ve noticed a nice new update to Linkedin company pages. It appears this has started to roll out to owners of company pages across the ‘professional’ social network, although there doesn’t appear to have been any... Read More

Postcode Targeting with Twitter Ads

As social media giants like Twitter and Facebook seek to improve their advertising platforms and targeting (and networks like Pinterest and Vine step up to offer advertising options), social advertising is an area that you should become a lot more familiar with.

Twitter is a global... Read More

The World’s Biggest Websites – What they Looked Like at Launch

Ever wondered what some of the biggest websites in the world today, looked like when they first launched? The internet is constantly involving and seeing how far the world has come in terms of web design, who know’s what could be next? With the help... Read More