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Twitter adds Analytics to iPhone app with “View Analytics Details” button

Twitter has added real-time analytics to its iPhone app with the addition of a new inline button that allows users to view details of a tweet.


Clicking the “VIEW ANALYTICS DETAILS” button brings up some great real-time stats.... Read More

The Biggest Google Searches of 2014

In 2014, we were struck by the death of a beloved comedian, and watched news unfold about a horrific plane crash and a terrifying disease. We were captivated by the beautiful game, and had fun with birds, a bucket of ice, and a frozen princess.... Read More

Social Media Review 2014

With 2014 coming to a close and some of the social networks currently celebrating new milestones, let’s scratch a little deeper and see what the major players have achieved this year and where they stand in the current social landscape. Social media usage continues to... Read More

Search: Facebook Posts

Now rolling out in the US for iPhone and Facebook for desktop, Facebook has launched it’s all new and improved Facebook Search.

Until now, if you wanted to find that witty status you shared a few weeks ago or that post where your friend wrote a cookery recipe to your... Read More

Dark Social turn’s out to be Facebook

You may have heard of the phenomenon called ‘dark social’. It’s a term originally coined back in 2012 by Alexis Madrigal, whom whilst with The... Read More