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Racing funds for life!

Ever felt like you wanted to do something different…
Something challenging?

Well that was me a few weeks ago. Trouble was, I didn’t know what. I needed inspiration!

If ever the power of TV advertising was in doubt, it was after a chance viewing of the ‘Race... Read More

Content that converts: Tip 3 – Use the language of your customers

Use their language

It’s not just about the message!

So you’ve identified your objectives, figured out who your target audience are and set an end goal.

All great so... Read More

Content that converts: Tip 2 – Understand your audience

The second in the series of “10 tips to make content convert” from the Content Marketing Show 2013.


The importance of understanding your audience can never be... Read More

Content that converts: Tip 1 – Define your objectives

tip-1a-define-your-objectivesThe single most important factor in creating any kind of content, whether it be infographic, blog, eshot, product page etc is to outline and then  focus... Read More

10 tips to make content convert

jt-content-marketing-showI recently gave a talk to around 1000 content marketers at this years Read More