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Mitigating the BEAST SSL attack

Recently , an article on slashdot caught my eye that mentions lots of universities in the UK have weak SSL setups. Some of our websites used Extended Validation for SSL and these seemed like some good ones to test our setup to make sure we... Read More

Penguins don’t kill rankings, link builders do!

Ok, maybe controversial, maybe harsh, but few would argue that those hit hardest from Google’s Penguin algorithm updates are sites which have been involved in substandard link building techniques. For those unaware, link building is the process of obtaining links to your website from other... Read More

Google Post Penguin

As many of you may or may not know, Google released its latest round of updates for its search rankings. The update code-named ‘penguin’ hit a few sites fairly hard, and had a detrimental effect on these sites rankings.

This update targeted anchor text over optimization... Read More

Our First Impressions of iOS 6

Apple recently announced iOS 6, the latest update to their iOS software. This update saw many new features in excess of 200 (although some minor). We have got our hands on our developer copy of this and have been trawling through the many features that have... Read More